Debraj Ghose


I am a biologist and broadly interested in how biological structures self-organize and perform computations. More specifically, I am developing a research program to study how human immune cells collectively transition between unicellular and multicellular states while combatting intruders like infections or tumors. This work is being pursued in Don Ingber's lab at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

Previously, I got my PhD from the Lew lab at Duke University where I studied how eukaryotic cells respond to chemical gradients. To uncover gradient sensing mechanisms, I combined yeast genetics, quantitative live cell imaging, and mathematical modeling. I mechanistically described dynamics of a cell's polarized front, discovered that the polarized front can perform chemotaxis up chemical gradients, and theoretically predicted mechanisms underlying chemotactic bias (Ghose & Lew, 2020Ghose et al, 2021).

Outside the lab, I enjoy painting, playing guitar,  and riding single-wheeled things.


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Ghose D, Lew D. Mechanistic insights into actin-driven polarity site movement in yeast. Molecular biology of the cell. 2020 May 1;31(10):1085-102. (MBoC Highlight and Nominee for Paper of the Year 2020) [Cover/Download/Link]

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